Customer promise

Our promise to customers is, more for you, less for the bank. The best interests of our customers is always Avanza's primary focus. The rate of innovation is high and where there are needs or imbalances in the system that do not favor our customers, we develop new products and services. Our offer is based on four underlying factors.

1. Price leadership

We believe in transparency and strive to offer our customers the lowest fees on the market, without compromising on quality. Our customers should never have to pay unnecessary or hidden fees. We have no fixed account, annual or deposit charges. 

2. Better decision-making support

We believe our customers make the best decisions concerning their own investments and savings and we do therefore not offer any individual financial advice. On the other hand, we do spend a great deal of time to develop and to be able to offer the best conceivable decision-making support. We highly value general advice tools and services that help our customers take charge of their own investments and savings in a simpler, cheaper, more enjoyable and smarter way.

3. Simplicity

Our aim is to make everything as simple as possible for users of our services. We see it as our job to make things that may seem difficult and complicated as simple and user-friendly as possible.

4. Greater freedom of choice

Our aim is that customers should always find the best savings options with us. Therefore, we offer the widest range of savings products on the market, by for example assembling the largest selection of funds in Sweden. We also offer digital trading on all Nordic stock exchanges, in the US and Canada, and on other markets through our brokers.