Nomination committee

The nomination process for the election of the Board of Directors and the auditor, as established at the Annual General Meeting 2017, has involved the appointment of a Nomination Committee consisting of one representative from each of the four largest shareholders wishing to appoint a representative.

The names of the committee members, as well as the shareholders they represent will be announced six (6) months prior to the Annual General Meeting 2018. The appointment of these members will be based on the known ownership participations immediately before the announcement.

The Nomination Committee is mandated to serve until a new Nomination Committee is appointed. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee is, in accordance with the nomination process and in the absence of an agreement on an alternative member by the Nomination Committee, the member representing the largest shareholder.

Shareholders may contact the Nomination Committee with proposed nominations. Such proposals may be sent by e-mail to:

Or by ordinary mail to:

Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ)
Att: Valberedningen
Box 1399
SE-111 93 Stockholm

If, after the announcement of the names of the Committee members, the shareholders represented on the Committee are no longer among the four largest shareholders, their representatives are to vacate their seat on the Committee, and the shareholders who have recently become one of the four largest shareholders will, instead, be offered a seat on the Nomination Committee. Marginal changes in ownership participations do not need to be considered. Shareholders appointing a representative to the Committee have the right to dismiss this representative and appoint a new representative in their stead. Any change in the composition of the Committee shall be announced.

The Nomination Committee is to prepare proposals on the following issues for resolution at the Annual General Meeting:

  • proposal for Chairman of the Meeting
  • proposal for Board of Directors
  • proposal for Chairman of the Board
  • proposal for Board fees, specified for the Chairman and for other Board members, and any remuneration for committee work
  • proposal for auditors
  • proposed fees for the Company‚Äôs auditors
  • proposal for any changes in the procedure for appointing the Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee members are not remunerated for their work on the Committee, however Avanza will fund reasonable costs which the Committee deems necessary for it to undertake its duties.