Range of products and services

We create the most value by concentrating on what we do or can do best, i.e. where we can offer cheaper, better and simpler solutions than others. We want to make our customers’ investment decisions easier and through guidance and education increase their knowledge.

Development in 2016 was intensive, with a numerous new services and functions. Development was primarily driven by changes in user behavior and new regulation. At the same time, our pronounced customer focus has resulted in improvements in the customer experience, largely based on the feedback from our customers.

A clear trend in recent years is that more and more customers manage their financial dealings via mobile devices, and in 2016 a number of improvemens and features were added to our mobile apps. Product development work has also concentrated on decision-making support and inspiration to facilitate the execution of investments without expensive advisory services. Decision-making support is also in significant demand during times of volatile stock markets. The Portfolio Generator and the Stock Generator are two examples of tools. The Portfolio Generator, helps fund savers to easily create a fund portfolio with good risk diversification. The aim of these functions, on both our website and mobile devices, is to offer a world-class digital experience.