Remuneration to Group managment

Group Management's remuneration is to reflect the individual’s experience, competence and performance. Remuneration comprises a fixed salary and a variable portion based on performance. The variable remuneration is based on a qualitative assessment of individual performance, in relation to established individual targets and the Company’s earnings. There will be an appropriate balance between the fixed salary and the variable remuneration, and it will be possible to set the variable remuneration at SEK 0. Variable remuneration to members of Group Management may never exceed 100 per cent of the fixed salary for the same financial year.

Criteria which govern the potential for variable remuneration must not encourage irresponsible risk-taking or encourage behaviour that may cause conflicts of interest in relation to customers, partners, other companies in the Group or other activities within the Company.

Members of Group Management have acquired warrants, in accordance with prevailing market conditions, in the warrant programme that was decided upon at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 13 June 2014. 

Matters concerning the CEO’s terms of employment, remuneration and benefits are prepared by the Remuneration Committee and decided on by the Board (without the participation of the CEO). Remuneration to other members of Group Management, is detemined by the Board, based on proposals from the Remuneration Committee, following consultation with the CEO.