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Customer satisfaction and employee engagement create shareholder value over time

With a business model based on growth, customer satisfaction is our number one ultimate target.

Our recipe for success is a customer focused corporate culture that encourages our employees to create innovative products and offers – that create shareholder value long term. The corporate culture derives its energy from a willingness to change and create a better future for millions of people.

Targets 2022 and outcomes

Customer satisfaction



Sweden's most satisfied savers according
to the Swedish Quality Index (SQI)
Achieved for the thirteenth consecutive year in 2022 

Employee engagement

Employee Net Promoter Score of at least 5058Very strong ambassadorship 

Long-term value growth

A market share of 10% of the Swedish 
savings market at the end of 2025
6.3%A challenging target that we will need a couple
of years of a positive stock market to achieve
Return on shareholders' equity of at least 35%
(Annual target)
36%The goal ensures a continued focus on profitability
and demonstrates the low risk and capital efficient
balance sheet
Dividend of 70% of the year's profit
(Annual target)
 70%The proposal for 2022 is a dividend of 7.50 (9.20) SEK
per share, corresponding to a ratio of 70%. The leverage
ratio requirement, including Pillar 2 guidance has
been taken into consideration
Maximum annual costs to savings capital
ratio of 12 basis points over time
 15 bpsDuring 2022, the target was affected by market fluctuations

Sustainability targets

Net zero emissionsEmissions for 2022 amounted to 281 ton CO2e,
climate offsets of the total emissions were purchased.
During the year, we signed Business ambition for 1.5 °,
committing to reduce Avanza's direct and indirect
emissions by 40% until 2030
 Increase gender equality in savings The share of women on Avanza's platform by yhe end of 2022
was 38%. The share of women among new customers was
42% and the share of savings capital held by women was 25%
Strengthen the sustainability score of
our customers' investments
 20.0During the year, Morningstar's sustainability rating
for fund investments decreased from 20.2 to 20.0
among Avanza's customers. The goal is as low a
score as possible