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Customer satisfaction and employee engagement create shareholder value over time

With a business model based on growth, customer satisfaction is our number one ultimate target.

Our recipe for success is a customer focused corporate culture that encourages our employees to create innovative products and offers – that create shareholder value long term. The corporate culture derives its energy from a willingness to change and create a better future for millions of people.

Targets 2021 and outcomes

CustomersOutcome 2021Comments
Sweden's most satisfied
savers according to
the Swedish Quality Index (SKI)
Achieved in 2021 for the twelfth consecutive year


Market share of at least 15%
of the total net inflow to the Swedish
savings market 2025, R12 months
17.4%Almost every fifth savings krona ends up on the Avanza platform
Market share of 7% 20257.0%Achieved already 2021
Return on equity of 25-30%50%Highlight profitability and effective management of the balance sheet
Dividend of at least 70% of the profit for the year70%The dividend proposal for 2021 is SEK 9.20 (3.80) per share


Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
at least 50, rasied from earlier at least 45


Increased share of capital in sustainable investmentsFurther improvements done during the year to make it easier to save sustainably
Be regarded as the leading
sustainable brand and the natural
choice for sustainable savings
Regarded as the financial company in Sweden with the highest reputation (Kantar Sifo)
Increase share of female new customers to 50%41%Record high number on new female customers
Organisation with parity between women and men46%Measured in Group Management and among employees with personnel responsibility
Become climte positiveThis year’s emissions amounted to 366 tonnes CO2e and climate offsets of the total emissions are purchased.