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The business model is built on customer focus and scale

Our business model is built on scalability. Strong customer growth, combined with the market’s lowest cost to savings ratio, is what creates long-term growth in operating income and facilitates further development and creates shareholder value.

We are building a company where we want to be customers ourselves. A company that doesn’t see the world as it is, but as it should be. Avanza is therefore driven by a constant focus on creating customer value. Customer satisfaction and product innovation makes people talk about Avanza. Word of mouth is very important, since the majority of our customers come on recommendation from another satisfied customer.

To deliver shareholder value while at the same time meeting our promise to customers – more to you and less to the bank – cost effectiveness is critical. Our business is therefore built on creating customer growth without increasing costs to the same extent. Our success in achieving this is illustrated by the decrease in the cost to savings capital ratio.