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Remuneration to Group Managment

Our customers always come first. Performance – including Group Management’s performance – is therefore measured by customer satisfaction, growth, scalability and cost effectiveness. We think long-term and don’t focus on short-term profitability.

Group Management’s remuneration shall reflect each person’s experience, competence and performance. Remuneration comprises a fixed salary.

The CEO’s terms of employment, remuneration and benefits are prepared by the remuneration committee and approved by the board of directors. Remuneration to other members of the group management is approved by the board of directors upon the proposal by the remuneration committee and after consultation with the CEO.

Members of the group management have acquired warrants on market terms in accordance with the incentive program resolved by the annual general meeting on 17 March 2020 and 30 March 2021.

Guidelines for remuneration to Group Management was approved by the AGM 2020 until further notice. Remuneration to Group Management for 2021 amounted to:

 Basic salaryPension costTotal:
Deputy CEO3,0148413,855
Other senior executives15,3314,03819,369