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Long-term targets by 2025

Growth is an important element in our business model. Performance on targets is therefore primarily measured by customer satisfaction, where our employees play a key role. The targets were revised higher in 2022.

Long-term targets

Customer satisfaction

Sweden’s most satisfied savers according to the Swedish Quality Index annual award

With a business model built on scale, customer growth and customer satisfaction is one of our absolutely most important targets

Engaged employees

Employee Net Promoter Score of at least 50

Satisfied customers require engaged employees. That and a strong recommendation rate are also important to attract and retain talent. 

Long-term value growth

Market share of 10 per cent of the Swedish savings market by the end of 2025

There is a strong correlation between growth in savings capital and growht in income.

Return on equity of at least 35 per cent

Our return on equity target ensures a continued focus on profitability and effective management of the balance sheet.

Dividend of 70 per cent

Dividend of 70 per cent of net profit for the year taking into account the leverage ratio requirement, including the Pillar 2 guidance and internal buffer

Maximum annual costs to savings capital ratio of 12 basis points over time

Cost effectiveness is an important part of our profitability focus and a costs to savings capital ratio of 12 basis points should be seen as a ceiling where the ambition is to be even lower. The measure could be affected by market fluctuations, which may impact the ratio negatively in certain years.

Sustainability targets

Net zero emissions

Avanza has become a signatory to Business ambition for 1.5 °C . This means we are committing to setting climate targets that align with the Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) 1.5°C and the Paris Agreement. The target will include to halve our emissions by 2030 and reduce our emissions to net zero by 2045 the latest.

Strengthen the sustainability value in customers’ investments

Avanza is a savings platform and the aim is to provide a wide range of alternatives. Avanza does not offer investment advice, but tries to inspire customers and make it easy to invest sustainably through clear information, decision support and education.

Increase gender equality in savings

We work actively to reach broader target groups and promote savings among women. Today women save less, have lower savings capital and begin to save later. We want to help change this.