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Long-term targets by 2025

As of 2020 and up to 2025 we have new long-term targets, still focused on customer satisfaction and employee engagement but also on growth in savings capital. We have also added targets connected to sustainability.

Long-term targets

Customer satisfaction

Sweden’s most satisfied savers according to SQIs (Swedish Quality Index) annual award

With a business model built on scale, customer growth and customer satisfaction is one of our absolutely most important targets

Long-term value growth

Market share of at least 15 per cent of the total net inflow to the Swedish savings market 2025

To ensure a good growth rate, net inflow is essential. The target is raised by 2025 and requires targeted development with a focus on creating customer value, both to continue to attract new customers and to make existing customers willing to transfer more of their savings to Avanza.

Market share of nearly 7 per cent of the Swedish savings market by the end of 2025

The customer target of 1 million customers was achieved in January 2020. This target has been replaced with a market share target, although the number of new customers remains very important to future growth.

Return on equity of 25-30 per cent

Our new return target ensures a continued focus on profitability and effective management of the balance sheet. The ambition is to continue to reduce the cost to savings ratio to nearly 0.16 per cent, at the same time that cost growth is projected in coming years at between 9 and 12 per cent.

Dividend of at least 70 per cent

Our dividend policy remains unchanged.

Sustainability targets

Increased share of capital in sustainable investments

Avanza is a platform for savings and investments and the aim is to provide a wide range of alternatives. Avanza does not offer advice, but through clear sustainability information, decision support and education tries to inspire customers and make it easier for them to invest sustainably. We want Avanza to be the obvious choice for those who want to save sustainably, with sustainable alternatives in every product area. When Avanza’s sustainability target was launched in January 2020, it included increasing the share of customers who save in sustainable alternatives. The share of capital is much more important to sustainable development, which is why the target for number of
customers has been eliminated. 

Be seen as the leading sustainable brand and the natural choice for sustainable savings as well as increase the share of female to 50 per cent of new customers

By educating, shaping public opinion and challenging the establishment, we want to create opportunities to economically empower more people and inspire them to invest more of their savings capital in sustainable products. We want to drive the development of a sustainable financial market. Avanza’s customer base consists of 65 per cent men, and contributing to greater gender equality in savings is also central to our sustainability work.

An organisation with parity between women and men, and to become climate positive

We firmly believe that an organisation that champions gender equality contributes to a better corporate culture, makes Avanza more dynamic and creates a better understanding of the market. At this point, we still have more male than female employees. The target is measured at group management and among employees with personnel responsibility. We will be a climate-smart organisation that monitors our own carbon footprint. A climate analysis is conducted each year to measure our footprint in terms of business travel, electricity, office supply and purchased materials etc. The analysis is done with the help of an independent tool and is based on the methodology used in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). Our aim is to be climate positive by reducing our carbon footprint and buying carbon offsets for the rest.

Employee Net Promoter Score of at least 50

See above.