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Sustainable investments

We want Avanza to be the obvious choice for those who want to save sustainably. Our goal is to make sustainable alternatives available in every product area. 

All of our teams are involved in sustainability work. It should be easy for our customers to find and invest in sustainable options. As a first step, we have launched the “Saving Sustainably” page on our website, where customers can find inspiration for more sustainable savings, see how their savings affect the climate and learn more about how savings can contribute to sustainability.

In order to screen sustainable alternatives, customers have to be able to analyse our product range based on various criteria. Here we collaborate with and obtain data from Morningstar. A lot is happening in the field of sustainability. Companies are getting better at reporting on sustainability and new regulations are being introduced. For this reason, the sustainability data on the site are continuously being updated and improved.

Examples of our sustainable options:

Sustainability data in the fund guide – We have made it easier for our customers to see how funds work with sustainability by showing sustainability data in our fund guides.

Create an own sustainability label – For some people, sustainability is a question of how we care for the environment, while for others it can mean not wanting to invest in certain industries. By creating an own sustainability lable customers can filter funds to match their personal choices based on four sustainability categories: Environment & climate, Controversial industries, Social responsibility and Corporate governance.

Fund portfolio analysis – In “My Fund Portfolio Analysis”, customers can analyse their fund holdings. Besides breaking them down by sector and size, they can also see how many of the funds have a low carbon risk and how the fund companies work with the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.

Gender equality and sustainability trackers – Trackers AVA Gender Equality Tracker, AVA OMXS30ESG Tracker, AVA Fossil Free EU Tracker, AVA Low Carbon EU Tracker, etc.

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