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A strong culture with employees who want to challenge and create change

We started Avanza with a simple idea – to build a company where we would want to be customers ourselves. In the same way, our aim is to build a company where we thrive and would want to work. This has created a very strong corporate culture that draws its energy from our vision to create a better future for millions of people.

It is our position as a challenger and our employees’ willingness to change that has shaped the culture. The climate we have created is characterised by collaboration and humility, where we constantly challenge ourselves to think differently and where everyone takes responsibility. Each quarter we reward an employee who has embraced our values, to encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit that has gotten us to where we are today.

We have chosen to formulate our values, or guiding principles, in four short sentences. We help a colleague help a customer. We take responsibility. We challenge ourselves and think differently. We have fun together. We want to create opportunities for our employees to grow by believing in their abilities and offering the flexibility to test new ideas and think differently. Our employees should feel that they have a say and can find an outlet for their creativity.