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Group Mangement

The CEO is responsible for the daily management of the Company in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act and the Board’s instructions. The CEO is responsible for keeping the Board informed of the Company’s operations and to ensure that the Board has the information the members need to undertake informed decisions. Through continuous dialogue, the CEO also holds the Chairman informed of the Group’s development. The Group Management consists of Avanza’s CEO, and representatives from different parts of the Group as follows.

Please click on each name for details. Details of transactions are available through the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's insider register.

Gunnar Olsson
Acting CEO, Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Born 1972
Employed since 2018
MBA, Mittuniversitetet


2012–2018 Länsförsäkringar Bank AB, Head of business development and products
2000–2012 SEB, Head of third party sales and Business developer
1998–2000 PAR AB (Now Bisnode), Account Manager

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 10,750
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  45,500
Anna Casselblad

Born 1981
Employed since 2012
MBA Stockholm School of Economics

2012–2020 Avanza Bank AB, of which:
2012-2017 Operational responsibility Compliance; 2016–2017 Group leader Compliance; 2017–2020 Head of Compliance for the Avanza Group

2005–2012 PwC AB, Auditor in Financial Services

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 2,750
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  22,140


Peter Almqvist
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Born 1975
Employed since 2011
M.Sc. Information Technology, Linköping Technical University

2011–2022 Avanza Bank AB, Head of IT Operations
2008–2010 Nasdaq, Project/Program Director
2001–2007 OMX, Project Manager and Solutions Architect

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 500
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  16,170


Jesper Bonnivier
CEO Avanza Fonder

Born 1974
Employed since 2019
Business administration, at Linköping's and and Mälardalen's Universities

2011–2018 Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB, Deputy CEO and Head of Asset Management
2009–2010 Länsförsäkringar AB, Head of Securities Administration
2007–2008 Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB, Deputy CEO and Head of Fund Analysis and Valuation

Other significant assignments:
Board member Swedish Investment Fund Association

Shares/aktier 500
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  22,270
Camilla Hedenfelt
Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Born 1968
Employed since 2019
BA Personnel and working life programme at Stockholm’s University

2016–2019 Orkla Care AB (Orkla AS acquired Cederroth AB 2016), HR Director
2014–2016 Cederroth AB, HR Director
2012–2014 Swedish Match, HR Manager
2007–2012 Orkla Brands Nordic (within Orkla ASA), HR Manager

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 0
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  17,700
Anders Karlsson
Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO)

Born 1974
Employed since 2023
Informatics, Computer Science & Psychology, Linköping University

2018–2023 Klarna, Product Director
2016–2018 Handelsbanken, Head of New Ventures – Business & Product Development
2014–2016 Ecster, CEO
2007-2014 Handelsbanken, of which 2007-2011 Head of Business & IT Strategy (Capital Markets); 2012-2014 VP Head of Products and online banking – Corporate banking
2006-2007 Acando, Senior Manager - Strategy- and management consultant
2001-2005 Nasdaq, of which 2001-2003, Technical Account Manager; 2003-2005 Head of User Experience and Business Solutions (UX- and product manager for Banks and Brokers)
1998-2001 Suitcom AB Kebne AB, Information Manager & Project Manager
1996-1999 K-media, Owner and founder, Consultant within Internet, web and media

Övriga väsentliga uppdrag:

Shares/aktier 0
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  0


Åsa Mindus Söderlund
CEO Insurance Company Avanza Pension

Born 1965
Employed since 2017
Bachelor Financial Economics, Stockholm School of Economics and Business Administration

2017-2018 Avanza Fonder, CEO
2012–2017 SPP, CEO SPP Consultant and member of Group Management SPP Pension & Insurance
2010–2012 mindUS Consulting, Project leader with focus on international outsourcing within the fund and asset management industry
2005–2010 Atos Consulting, Director and CEO
1998–2005 Capgemini Ernst & Young, Senior Manager Ernst & Young Management Consulting
1991–1997 Ministry of Finance, Head of Section

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 334
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  22,890
Teresa Schechter
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Born 1970
Employed since 2006
Education: LL.M., University of Gothenburg


2006–2017 Avanza Bank AB, Head of Compliance, Legal and Surveillance
2004–2006 Aktieinvest FK AB, Compliance Officer and Corporate counsel
2002–2004 Swedish Shareholders’ Association, Legal Councel
1999–2001 Aktiesparinvest / AB,
Corporate Councel

Other significant assignments:

Shares/aktier 500
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  29,040
Sofia Svavar
Chief Communications & IR Officer (CCIRO), Group responsible for CSR

Born 1972
Employed since 2015
DIHM Business Communication, IHM Business School, and Business administration, FEI.

2015–2022 Avanza Bank AB, Head of Investor Relations
2009–2015 Swedbank AB, Investor Relations Manager
2000–2009 Carnegie Investment Bank, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations with responsibility for the Group’s internal communication, branding as well as external and internal websites

Shares/aktier 17,279
Warrants/teckningsoptioner  16,690