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Board of directors' work in 2022

During the year, the Board held a total of 16 meetings, including 12 regular meetings, 1 inagural meeting, 1 extra and 2 by telephone/mail. Board meetings by telephone/mail mainly addressed decisions relating to Avanza’s incentive scheme.

AttendanceBoard meetingsCommittee meetings
Sven Hagströmer, Chairman16/16RC 6/7, CC 17/17
Magnus Dybeck15/16ITC 9/9 
Catharina Eklöf16/16RC 7/7
Viktor Fritzén**4/16RCAC 3/10
Jonas Hagströmer16/16RCAC 10/10, ITC 9/9 
Linda Hellström*12/16
Mattias Miksche***5/16RC 2/7, ITC 3/9
Johan Roos16/16RCAC 10/10, CC 17/17, RC 4/7****
Sofia Sundström*12/16
Hans Toll16/16CC 17/17, RCAC 9/10
Leemon Wu16/16

*Took office at AGM 2022, **Stepped down at AGM 2022, ***Stepped down shortly after AGM 2022, ****Took office in the committee in place of Mattias Miksches

At scheduled meetings, the following are discussed:

  • financial reporting
  • operational reporting
  • reporting by the Board’s committees
  • credit reporting for the subsidiary Avanza Bank

The control functions Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance report quarterly.

In addition to the recurring items on the agenda, the Board addressed the matters in the illustration below. The Board also focused on the Group’s implementation of and alignment with new and amended regulation affecting various parts of its operations.

The Board also worked on and participated in strategic business planning in order to continuously adapt and improve Avanza’s customer offering.

At the end of each calendar year, an evaluation is undertaken to improve the Board’s work procedures and competence. The results are communicated to the Nomination Committee and compiled in a report, which then forms the basis for any changes or upskilling.