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Share capital development


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Share capital,

2001: New issue4,425,90725,415,4782.563,538,695
2001: New issue1,207,39626,622,8742.566,557,185
2005: New issue842,80027,465,6742.568,664,185
2007: Repurchase of own shares-305,67427,160,0002.568,664,185
2008: Withdrawal of repurchased shares, 2007-27,160,0002.567,900,000
2008: New issue435,84327,595,8432.568,989,608
2008: Repurchase of own shares-18,23327,577,6102.568,989,608
2009: Withdrawal of repurchased shares, 2008-27,577,6102.568,944,025
2010: New issue379,86027,957,4702.569,893,675
2011: New issue580,60328,538,0732.571,345,183
2011: Repurchase of own shares-275,52428,262,5492.571,345,183
2012: Withdrawal of repurchased shares, 2011-28,262,5492.570,656,373
2012: New issue611,19828,873,7472.572,184,368
2015: New issue470,34129,344,0882.573,360,220
2016: New issue467,11329,811,2012.574,528,003
2016: New issue27,72129,838,9222.574,597,305
2017: New issue157,30029,996,2222.574,990,555
2018: New issue276,77430,272,9962.575,682,490
2019: Share split121,091,984151,364,9800.575,682,490
2019: New issue2,421,342153,786,3220.576,893,161