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Our strategy is to do it cheaper, better and simpler than the competition

Our vision is to create a better future for millions of people. We create products and services that help our customers to improve their finances while at the same time encouraging and inspiring them to save sustainably. Through continuous innovation, with a focus on what’s best for the customer, we build trust and generate growth. Our aim is to be the best tool for our customers to successfully manage their money.

Customer focus

Avanza’s business is built on a strong customer focus and world-class service. Doing what’s best for our customers is central to everything we do. We want to offer a great user experience and a broad range of products and services. We believe our customers can make the best decisions themselves, so we don’t offer advice. Instead we provide information, education and decision-making tools to help them make the right investments.

Innovation, scalability and efficiency

Being attentive to our customers’ needs and doing everything we can to meet them is an integral part of our product development. It also gives us new perspective. We believe that we create the most value for customers by concentrating our business and development on areas where we are, or can be, the best in the industry.

Innovation is important from a cost perspective as well. Offering price leading products is critical to creating long-term value for savers and to attracting customers. Scalability and efficiency are therefore an essential part of our business. Continuous improvements to our technological platform and systems also enable us to quickly respond to changing customer preferences.

We work tirelessly to eliminate what’s outdated and could slow our development. Our technological platform and trading system are among the banking world’s most modern. We always evaluate new technology and update and modernise our systems as needed.


Sustainability is growing in importance for our customers and for Avanza’s business. Since the start, we have worked to reduce prices, educate the public on saving and investing, and promote gender equality internally. Environmental aspects and a greater social emphasis have become increasingly important to sustainable development and business, not least to attract customers. As a result, we intensified our sustainability work in three focus areas in 2019.

Sustainable investments

While Avanza has no control over how customers invest, we can help and inspire them to make sustainable choices. We do so through a wide range of sustainable alternatives and comprehensive information on various savings options. In our own fund management company, sustainability aspects are implemented according to the opt-out principle.

Educate & challenge

We want to clearly voice our opinion on sustainable savings and promote a sustainable financial market. Our customers have invested nearly SEK 400 billion with us, and through public opinion and education we try to build interest in, and a commitment to, savings and sustainable choices.

Sustainable organisation

We operate in an industry built on trust and will ensure good governance and control. We work actively to increase gender equality and diversity. We also strive to create sustainable offices through a healthy work environment and by reducing our resource and energy consumption.

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