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Educate and challenge

We want to be the obvious partner for those who want to learn more about personal finances and sustainable savings. 

Our independent savings economists protect the interests of savers and challenge established structures that put consumers at a disadvantage. By educating, driving public opinion and challenging conventional thinking, we want to create opportunities for more people to be financially empowered and inspire them to invest more in sustainable products. Our goal is to be a vocal advocate of sustainable savings and promote a sustainable financial market.
We want to spark interest and engagement in savings and sustainable options through various media and training options. Our free training gives more people the opportunity to improve their economic well-being and create a secure future. On the site we educate and inspire customers through among other things the Avanza blog, the Avanza Podcast and Avanza Academy, which also have their own sections on saving sustainably.
Contributing to gender equality in savings is central to our sustainability work. There are still more men than women who invest in equities and funds. We are working actively to reach out to more women and encourage them to save. We also arrange savings seminars for women and recent immigrants with an academic background.
At a time when many people are falling into a debt trap, an understanding of personal finances is critical. We are a member of the program council of “Gilla din ekonomi”, a network coordinated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to spread awareness of financial top­ics through various informational and educational activities.
A few examples:

 #Sparahållbart in the blog – A convenient way to find exciting and inspiring blog posts on sustainable savings under the hashtag #sparahållbart

#tjejersomsparar in the blog – An initiative to increase gender equality and female savers through blog posts written by women. 

Save Sustainably in Avanza Academy – A whole chapter where our customers can read and learn about saving sustainably.

#pensionsupproret – Exposes injustices that put consumers at a disadvantage

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