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Sustainable organisation

Avanza operates in an industry built on trust and strives for good governance and control. We work actively to increase gender equality and diversity. We also try to create sustainable offices through healthy work environments and by reducing our resource and energy consumption.

We feel it is important to be a good employer that positively contributes to society. We want our organisation to reflect the diversity of Swedish society. As an employer, we are actively committed to gender equality and to achieving a gender balance at every level of the company. We use a competency-based recruiting process, but are also working to increase equality and diversity from other perspectives.

We are working actively in various channels to broaden the range of candidates we recruit and to attract new talents to technology, including through:

  • Dutchess Sweden, a network of female java developers
  • IGE Day, a project aimed at getting more young women interested in engineering
  • Female Digital Engineer, a programme for female civil engineers who want to drive and shpe digitalisation

To accomplish our sustainability goals, it is important that our employees are engaged in these issues.

We want to be a climate-smart organisation that tracks our ecological footprint. Minimising our climate impact is an important part of this sustainability work, even though we as a digital bank have fairly little impact. We encourage sustainable procurement and create sustainable offices through healthy work environments and low resource and energy consumption.

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