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Key ratios

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Please note that income related to savings account+ has been transferred from NII to Other commission income. Historical figures have been adjusted

Five-year overview

Operating margin, %6574674440 
Profit margin, %5662573733 
Earnings per share, SEK10,6913.198.662.942.32 
Earnings per share after dilution, SEK10,6713.008.582.942.31 
Return on shareholders' equity, %3650572724 
Credit loss level, %0.000.00- 
Income to savings capital ratio, %0.420.470.510.340.35 
Costs to savings capital ratio, % 
Net brokerage income per trading day, SEKm3. 
No. brokerage-generating notes/trading day161,100234,300163,10070,60060,800
Brokerage income/Turnover in brokerage-generating securities, %0.1040.1140.1110.1000.098 
No. trading days251.0250.5250.0248.0247.5 
Average no. employees622560478429406 
Web service operational availability, %99.999.999.999.9100.0 
Shareholders' equity per share, SEK31.6130.2120.4712.6510.66 
Capital base/Capital requirement1.641.571.741.301.34 
Cash dividend per share, SEK (2022: proposed)7.509.203.802.302.10 
No. shares, thousand156,619,027155,571,758154,954,010 153,786,322151,364,980
Average no. shares, thousand155,916,066155,150,335154,150,028152,114,601150,432,155
Average no. shares after dilution, thousand156,208,550157,456,453155,581,077152,114,601150,827,419
Market capitalisation, SEK m35,02051,68136,10415,04012,824
Share price, SEK223.6332.2233.097.8084.72
No. employees635603510445422