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Remuneration to the Board

The Board of Directors remuneration was approved by the AGM 2020 according to below.

 Board workRemuneration CommitteeCredit CommitteeAudit CommitteeTotal SEK:
Sven Hagströmer, Chairman368,00042,50052,500 463,000
Magnus Dybeck368,000368,000
Catharina Eklöf368,00042,500410,500
Viktor Fritzén368,000  84,500452,500
Jonas Hagströmer368,000   368,000
Birgitta Klasén368,000 52,500168,000588,500
Mattias Miksche368,00042,500  410,500
Johan Roos368,00084,500452,500
Hans Toll368,000 52,50084,500505,000
Total SEK:3,312,000127,500157,500421,5004,018,500