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Avanza's vision is to create a better future for millions of people and our social resposibility is a natural and integral part of our business model and our strategies. Avanza's contribution to society is about creating conditions for a better financial situation for each one, and thereby contribute to a sustainable development. 

Sustainability is a natural and integral part of our business model, and everything we do is strongly linked to what is important to our stakeholders. By focusing on what’s important to our stakeholders, we can improve our offering and design activities that create value for society.

We are driving the industry’s development

  • Challenge established structures that do not fully benefit customers 
  • Focus on fees impact on savings and offer price leading products such as Avanza Zero, Superbolånet and brokerage fee from 0 SEK
  • Create interest and engagement for savings through education and decision-making support
  • Independent savings economists who guard the interests of savers in the society

We educate in savings and investments

  • Independent savings economists who educate and inspire the public to take a greater interest in personal finances through social media and lectures
  • Tools for education and inspiration in web and video format 
  • Educations for greater equality within savings and the technology industry
  • Educations in technology for children, parents and teachers to increase digital competence

We provide opportunities for sustainable investments

  • Independent platform for savings with a broad and transparent range of choices
  • A range where prices and fees clearly are shown 
  • Decision-making support and filtering tools to make investment decisions 
  • Morningstar's low carbon dioxide impact criteria in the fund list, which shows that the fund has a low CO2 risk and limited exposure to fossil fuels 
  • Member of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)