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Marketing strategy

The goal of Avanza's offering is for more people to feel smart, engaged and educated about their personal finances and their savings. We want to take the role of a savings buddy through tips and guidance and always answer questions and explain so that the customer understands.

We believe in our offering over the long-term and therefore always look to our customers' best interest in the first place. We avoid words and concepts that are unjustifiably complicated as far as possible, but do not want to underestimate each person’s intelligence.

Products and services are highlighted in an objective way with both advantages and disadvantages. And of course, we always follow the laws and regulations and have a risk text included in all marketing.

All information should be easily accessible and we avoid footnotes and small print as much as possible. If we talk about price, we calculate the total cost for the customer. For example, when it comes to funds, we use the term "total cost" and when it comes to interest rates, the effective interest rate is stated. We also do not work with lock-in or tie up our customers in other ways - if the customer has not chosen it themselves through, for example, fixed maturities for mortgages.