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Customer promise

More for you, less for the bank

Our promise to you as a customer is that you will have more left in your own pockets than with any other bank or pension company. We are therefore working continuously to cut fees and develop products and services that make it simpler and more enjoyable to successfully save and invest.

Doing a little more, as it should be.


We have always lowered prices, so that you as a customer don’t have to unnecessarily pay extra to the bank. We believe in full transparency and try to offer the market’s lowest fees without compromising on quality.


 We want you as a customer to always get the very best from us, which is why we are always challenging conventional thinking. We have a wide range of savings products, including sustainable alternatives, as well as decision support and tools to simplify your savings and make it more fun.



It should be really easy to become a customer, get started and use our services. What can be seen as difficult and complicated should be easy and user-friendly with us. We inspire, educate and create tools to make investment decisions simpler.