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Avanza Bank Holding |
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Avanza Bank Holding |
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Avanza was started with a simple idea

To build a company where we would want to be a customer. That's why we want our customers to pay as little as possible and offer cheaper, better and simpler products. We are revolutionizing the banking industry and working to give millions of people a better future.

Over 1,900,000 satisfied customers

Sweden's most satisfied customers 14 consecutive years according to the Swedish Quality Index (SKI)

Awarded Bank of The Year 2018, 2019 and 2020.

A wide range of Swedish and international stocks and funds – no fixed fees and very low brokerage fees

Bolån+, a really cheap mortgage with up to 75% loan-to-value ratio

A fund completely without fees: Avanza Zero

A really low mortgage for Private Banking

The world's cheapest global fund: Avanza Global

Pension savings that can give you up to SEK 1 million more in pension

Pays back the fund fees to everyone who has not exceeded SEK 50,000 in total savings

Wow! Swedens most satisfied customers 14 consecutive years.

More to you – less to the bank. Welcome to a bank as it should be.

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