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Preliminary financial statement 2005

• Operating income increased by 35.4% (40.4%) to SEK 285.1 million (SEK 210.5 m). • The profit after tax was SEK 105.9 million (SEK 74.3 m). • Earnings per share totalled SEK 3.88 (SEK 2.79). • Net deposits totalled SEK 5,660 million (SEK 3,300 m), corresponding to 34.9% (30.0%) of the total value of custodian accounts at the beginning of the year. • The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of SEK 2.00 (SEK 1.50) per share be paid. Comments from the Managing Director “The advantages Avanza offers have now seriously reached the colossal pensions savings market. The increased interest has its roots in a stable rise in stock market prices and a rapidly growing understanding of the significance of charges. During the fourth quarter, Avanza’s “Double your pension” offer helped bring about an increase of over 100% in pension savings with Avanza to almost SEK 2,500 million.” “Overall growth has also been very strong - Avanza gained more new custodian account customers in Q4 2005 than in the whole of 2004. The impending launch of occupational pension products in early 2006 will enable Avanza to offer a comprehensive range of savings products, and we believe, therefore, that the potential for growth next year is very good indeed.” “Avanza Private Banking has also continued to provide pleasant surprises. The new capital pension savings format, in particular, has persuaded a number of wealthy individuals to move their money,” says Nicklas Storåkers, Managing Director of Avanza. For additional information, please contact Nicklas Storåkers, Managing Director of Avanza, on tel: +46 70 861 80 01.