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Avanza doubles its sales organisation in the occupational pension market and establishes an office in Gothenburg

Avanza's occupational pension offering has shown an annual growth rate of 50% during recent years, which is proof that our offering is significantly appreciated by both Swedish companies and their employees. Now we take the next step in establishing Avanza as the market's best occupational pension supplier by doubling our sales organisation within Avanza Pension. This will take place by expanding the sales team in Stockholm and establishing an office in Gothenburg.

Avanza’s representation in Gothenburg will be comprised of a sales organisation with a focus on the occupational pension market and on Private Banking. The recruitment of new personnel will start forthwith.

This establishment of an office in Gothenburg is expected to be completed in January 2014, and will imply a total increase in expenses of three percent, compared with the current cost levels in the Group.

”Our transparent pensions solutions, with the market’s lowest fees and broadest savings offering, is an attractive alternative for the employer wishing to offer its employees savings which providing them with larger pension benefits, but at a cost to the employer which is similar to other solutions. We are experiencing a major demand from companies in the Gothenburg region where we also have a large number of existing customers. Consequently, it is totally natural for us to expand in Gothenburg in pace with our continued growth”, states Henrik Källen, Managing Director, Avanza Pension.

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