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Martin Tiveus leave his position as CEO of Avanza

 · Regulatorisk information
Avanza ́s CEO Martin Tiveus has informed the Board of Directors of Avanza that he intends to leave his position. He will remain in his current role during his six months period of notice. The process of finding a new CEO for Avanza will commence immediately and will be headed by Avanza Chairman Mr. Sven Hagströmer.

Martin Tiveus became CEO of Avanza in 2011. Since then, the company has grown with more than 200,000 active customers and more than 100 billion SEK in Savings Capital.

“On behalf of the Board and myself, I am sad to announce that Martin Tiveus has chosen to move on in his career after four and a half intense and not the least highly successful years. Martin has very actively continued to develop and strengthen Avanza during his years with us. A work rewarded with record high customer inflow, customer satisfaction and business results. Under Martin´s leadership, Avanza has also further developed to an effective and innovative organization that will continue to challenge the savings market in the future. Despite the fact that Avanza has been fundamentally renewed during these years, we know that Avanza is not yet fully developed. We never will be! I would also like to wish Martin the best of luck in his new position and I am grateful that he will not be competing with us”, says Sven Hagströmer.

“Now begins an intense search for a new CEO. The world of banking is undergoing great change and Avanza aims to continue to be a leader in this industry. The requirements are justifiably high from both customers, employees and shareholders”, adds Sven Hagströmer

”I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together at Avanza during my years as CEO of the company. Despite having tripled our savings capital and doubled our customer base in only a few years, we have never compromised either with customer satisfaction or quality. Avanza has a strong management team and a skilled organization and I feel very confident in the future success of the company. It´s been a pleasure to work with such great people”, says Martin Tiveus.

Martin Tiveus has accepted an offer from EQT to become CEO of Evidensia and will assume his new position following the completion of his work for Avanza.