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Avanza expands Group Management with Åsa Mindus Söderlund, CEO of Avanza Fonder AB

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Åsa Mindus Söderlund, CEO of Avanza Fonder AB since August 2017, is joining Avanza’s Group Management. The fund management company is playing an important role as we now target more customers through cheap, simple and automatic savings products. This is exemplified by the launch of Avanza Auto. To date, over 40,000 customers have switched to automatic savings, which now amounts to SEK 1.6 billion.

“I look forward to seeing what Åsa’s breadth of experience in the fund business and strong commitment to sustainability will ultimately lead to in terms of new products for Avanza,” says Rikard Josefson, CEO of Avanza.

“It’s exciting and enjoyable to contribute to Avanza’s entire offering. Avanza’s role as a challenger in the financial industry is extremely important, especially for the savers we now want to reach – those with neither the time nor interest in doing it themselves. It is liberating to work for an organisation that so clearly has the focus on what’s best for the customer,” says Åsa Mindus Söderlund, CEO of Avanza Fonder AB.

Including Åsa, Avanza’s Group Management consists of eight members. In addition, a new head of HR is being recruited, who, together with Avanza’s new COO, Gunnar Olsson, will also join the Group Management. Gunnar Olsson takes up his position on March 1.