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Avanza and ARK Invest launch fund focused on disruptive innovation that is changing the world

Avanza Disruptive Innovation by ARK Invest is now being launched in partnership with ARK Investment Management LLC, founded and led by star fund manager Cathie Wood. The fund is actively managed with the objective to identify innovative companies that are changing industries and society at its core.

The collaboration gives Avanza’s customers a unique opportunity to invest with ARK Invest, whose products are not available in the Swedish savings market.

The fund will invest in 30 to 80, mainly US, companies, which are leaders in the technology segments of artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage and blockchain technology. The investment focus aligns with ARK Invest’s flagship strategy, “ARK Innovation,” and has as its objective to identify disruptive innovation.

“According to our research, the global economy is undergoing the largest technological transformation in history. We want to expose as many investors as possible to the long-term investment opportunities resulting from this change. We believe that Avanza’s mission and vision align very well with our sole focus on disruptive innovation. We look forward to making our strategy available to Swedish investors alongside Avanza,” says Cathie Wood, CEO and founder of ARK Invest.

Based in the U.S., ARK Invest is a global fund manager founded in 2014 by Cathie Wood. WIth over 40 years of experience in the financial industry, Cathie has become one of the most talked-about financial influencers globally and has been named, amongst other, “Forbes Finance and Investing Person of the Year” and “Bloomberg Best Stockpicker”.

”Cathie Wood is a unique manager who has succeeded in building a large, devoted fan base through her view of the future and focus on innovation. She is a pioneer in the industry and is challenging the financial world in several ways. That’s why we are especially proud of the collaboration. It gives our customers a unique opportunity to invest in the future together with Cathie Wood and ARK Invest,” says Rikard Josefson, CEO of Avanza.

The annual ongoing charge for Avanza Disruptive Innovation by ARK Invest is 0.9%.

“The way that Cathie Wood and the ARK Invest team challenge the financial industry through transparency, pricing and their vision of the future fits well with Avanza. The fund suits those who want to be part of this journey and learn more about innovations that will change the world. Investments should, however, have a long-term horizon, and you should be willing to accept periods of major fluctuation,” concludes Jesper Bonnivier, CEO of Avanza Fonder.

In the Avanza podcast, Avanza's savings economist Nicklas Andersson talks to Cathie Wood about the new collaboration and what disruptive innovation actually means. Please note, there is a one minute introduction in Swedish.

For further information please contact:
Rikard Josefson, CEO
+46 70-206 69 55

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