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The Nomination Committee’s proposal concerning Board of Directors, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ)

 · Regulatorisk information

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting of Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ) on 11 April 2024, the Nomination Committee is hereby publishing its proposal regarding Chairman of the Board, Deputy Chairman of the Board, and other Board Members.

The Nominating Committee proposes:

  • that the Board consist of ten members,
  • re-election of Magnus Dybeck, Jonas Hagströmer, Sven Hagströmer, John Hedberg, Linda Hellström, Johan Roos and Leemon Wu,
  • election of new members Julia Haglind, Henrik Tjärnström and Lisa Åberg, and
  • that Sven Hagströmer is re-elected Chairman and that John Hedberg is elected Deputy Chairman. The role as Deputy Chairman of the Board is new as of this year.

Board members Catharina Eklöf, Sofia Sundström and Hans Toll have declined re-election.

Julia Haglind was born in 1978 and holds a B.Sc. major in Behavioural Science, Psychology, from Stockholm University. Julia Haglind is currently the CEO and Co-funder of North House AB. Previous positions include CEO, COO and CTO respectively at Nasdaq Clearing AB. The Nomination Committee considers Julia Haglind’s experience from financially regulated businesses and system-critical operations a valuable addition to Avanza’s Board of Directors. As of today, Julia Haglind holds no shares in Avanza.

Henrik Tjärnström was born in 1970 and holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University. Henrik Tjärnström has most recently held the position as CEO of Kindred Group plc. Previous positions include CFO and Board member respectively of Kindred Group plc. The Nomination Committee considers that Henrik Tjärnström’s years as CFO and thereafter 13 years as CEO of a listed company, with regulated activities within online transactions and with a large technology organisation, will provide great value to Avanza’s Board of Directors. As of today, Henrik Tjärnström holds no shares in Avanza.

Lisa Åberg was born in 1970 and holds an M.Sc. in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. Until year-end 2023, Lisa Åberg was a Senior Parter at McKinsey & Company in Stockholm, where she had worked for over 20 years with, among other things, financial institutions. Lisa Åberg is currently a Board member of Swegon Group AB, the Swedish Ski Association, SATS ASA, Caljan A/S and Haarslev Industries A/S. The Nomination Committee finds that Lisa Åberg’s long experience from strategy development within the financial sector will provide a significant supplement to Avanza’s Board of Directors. As of today, Lisa Åberg holds no shares in Avanza.

The Nomination Committee’s other proposals for the Annual General Meeting of Avanza Bank Holding AB will be stated in the notice convening the meeting that will be published closer to the AGM.

The Nomination Committee for the 2024 Annual General Meeting is as follows:

Erik Törnberg, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, representing Creades AB, Chairman of the Board of Directors Sven Hagströmer, representing the Hagströmer family and companies, Dick Bergqvist representing AMF – Tjänstepensioner och Fonder, and Magnus Dybeck representing Sten Dybeck with family and companies.

For further information please contact:
Erik Törnberg, Chairman of the Nomination Committee Tel: +46 (0)8-412 011 00

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