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Avanza Bank Interim Report January – June 2008

*Operating income decreased by 3 per cent (+10%) to SEK 268 million (SEK 275 m)

*The profit after tax totalled SEK 99 million (SEK 110 m)

*Earnings per share decreased by 9 per cent (+10%) to SEK 3.65 (SEK 4.01)

*Net savings increased to SEK 4,210 million (SEK 2,840 m), corresponding to 9 per cent (7%) of the savings capital at the beginning of the year, with accounts acquired from Ikanobanken accounting for SEK 490 million of this sum

*The number of accounts increased by 25 per cent (13%) to 205,800 (165,000 as of 31st December 2007). Accounts acquired from Ikanobanken contributed 15,500 accounts and SEK 490 million in savings capital during the first six months of the year

Second quarter
*Operating income decreased by 6 per cent (+11%) to SEK 130 million (SEK 139 m)

*The profit after tax totalled SEK 45 million (SEK 54 m)

*Earnings per share decreased by 16 per cent (+21%) to SEK 1.67 (SEK 1.98)

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