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February: Monthly statistics*

The number of customers at Avanza has during 2023 increased by 21,100, amounting to 6,930 net new customers in February. This resulted in 1,797,800 customers at the end of the month. Net inflow in February was SEK 4,640m, amounting to SEK 10,300m during 2023.

In mid-February, the Swedish Savings Barometer was published with statistics for the fourth quarter 2022. Avanza’s share of the savings market increased to 6.4 per cent from 6.3 per cent in the third quarter, but decreased from 7.0 per cent a year earlier. The share of the net inflow was -24.4 per cent, a result of negative net inflow in the fourth quarter. The net inflow in the fourth quarter included an insurance portfolio transfer of collectively agreed occupational pensions of SEK -2,400m to Futur Pension, as well as an outflow of SEK -4,400m linked to a cooperation with an asset management firm. Rolling 12M the share of the net inflow to the savings market amounted to 5.8 per cent.

Avanza’s share of the net lending in the mortgage market amounted to 5.3 per cent, including internally financed mortgages and external mortgages. This was an increase from 3.1 per cent in the fourth quarter 2021.

Avanza’s market share of premiums paid for non-collective agreement occupational pension insurance increased to 8.5 per cent during 2022 according to statistics from Insurance Sweden. This was an increase from 7.8 per cent during 2021. Avanza’s share of the premiums paid to the entire Swedish life insurance market, including endowment insurance, was 9.6 per cent during 2022.

month %
year %
No. Customers1,797,8001,790,80001,701,4006
Net inflow, SEKm4,6405,620-174,810-4
Savings capital, SEKm715,100712,2000722,600-1
of which deposits90,40092,000-299,400-9
Lending, SEKm43,30043,600-141,6004
of which margin lending8,3308,20029,860-16
of which internally financed mortgages11,30011,400-110,6007
of which external mortgages23,70024,000-121,10012
No. of brokerage-generating
notes per trading day**
Turnover in brokerage-generating
securities per trading day, SEKm**
of which foreign trades, SEKm5905900790-25

* Figures for the current month are preliminary.
** Excluding commission notes and turnover for mutual funds and non-brokerage generating notes such as Avanza Markets and brokerage class Start.

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Avanza is a digital platform for savings and investments, founded in 1999. The Parent Company, Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ), is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Avanza’s customer promise is that you as a customer will have more left in your own pockets than with any other bank or pension company. Services include saving in shares, funds, savings accounts, mortgages, and a strong pension offering. Avanza has over 1.7 million customers with over SEK 700 billion in total savings capital. This is equivalent to over 6 per cent of the Swedish savings market. Avanza is largest in terms of number of transactions among Swedish banks on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. During the last thirteen years Avanza has won SKI’s (Swedish Quality Index) award, “Year’s Most Satisfied Savings Customers”. For more information visit: