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Focus on future healthcare when Avanza launches fund with Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult

The new fund Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult is focused exclusively on the healthcare sector – a sector that has clearly outperformed broad global indices in the last 15 years*. The focus is on identifying sustainable, high-quality companies with growth potential that are developing future treatments for a healthier world.

The newest addition to Avanza’s fund family is Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult. The fund is managed by the experienced team of Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult, partners and portfolio managers with HealthInvest Partners AB, both with a long track record in fund management and the healthcare sector.

“An aging population is creating a growing need for medical care, and investments in wellness and healthcare are part of a rising trend. The inherent potential in companies that are developing pioneering treatments is enormous, and new breakthroughs are being made every day. This makes the healthcare sector extremely interesting to invest in,” says Astrid Samuelsson, manager of Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult.

Astrid Samuelsson is a licensed physician and has conducted research in immunology before switching paths to the financial sector with a focus on analysing healthcare companies, something she has done with great success as manager of the healthcare fund Handelsbanken Hälsovård Tema together with Ellinor Hult. Ellinor is an MBA and award-winning 5-star fund manager.

Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult is an Article 9, Dark Green Fund, whose investment objective is to invest in companies that contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, “Good Health and Well-being”. The fund will consist of 60–70 companies active in biotechnology, medical technology, healthcare and laboratory equipment, among other areas. The asset management team will look for sustainable, high-quality companies with growth potential, and complement the portfolio with companies that are developing future treatments. To gain an even better informed picture of the companies’ potential, the team has appointed a council of medical experts specialised in surgery, neurology, cardiology, immunology and dermatology.

With a total fee of 1.25%, the fund becomes one of the cheapest actively managed healthcare funds on the Swedish market.

“A fund focused on healthcare is an exciting and stable addition to our fund portfolio. This is especially true considering that healthcare is not as cyclical as other sectors, since the need for medical services is constant, regardless of economic conditions. We are very pleased to give our customers the unique opportunity to invest in such a fund, managed by two of the market’s most skilled professionals in this area,” says Jesper Bonnivier, CEO of Avanza Fonder.

For further information please contact:
Rikard Josefson, CEO
+46 70-206 69 55

*In the last 15 years, global healthcare stocks have returned 13 per cent per year, compared to a global index that in the same period produced an annual return of 9 per cent.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing in funds entails risk. For more information on how the fund is managed, a fact sheet and information brochure, visit (in Swedish).

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