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November: Monthly statistics

The number of customers at Avanza has during 2017 increased by 126,800 amounting to 14,700 new customers in November. This resulted in 697,400 customers at the end of the month. Net inflow in November was SEK -860m*, amounting to SEK 25,500m* year to date. The negative net inflow is explained by only a few withdrawals amounting to SEK 2,200m, connected to customers' M&A activities.

Avanza Auto, which was launched in late September, has had strong inflow of capital. From the launch up to the end of November nearly 23,000 customers have invested over SEK 900m in the funds. In mid-November Avanza launched a mortgage offering in co-operation with Stabelo. Initially, the offering was addressed to customers who had previously registered their interest in mortgage loans. The initial reactions to the new mortgage loan have been positive with a large number of potential customers registering on the website.

In November, the Swedish Savings Barometer was published with statistics for the third quarter 2017. Avanza's share of the savings market was 3.6 per cent at the end of the quarter (3.5 per cent in the second quarter) and the share of net inflow was 9.4 per cent. Rolling 12M net inflow amounted to 11.8 per cent, which exceeds the long-term target of at least 9 per cent. Statistics from Insurance Sweden showed that Avanza’s market share of premiums paid for occupational pension insurance increased to 3.9 per cent (3.2).

month %
year %
No. customers 697,400 682,800 2 561,900 24
Net inflow, SEKm -860* 3,120 -128 2,160 -140
Savings capital, SEKm 273,400 280,000 -2 226,000 21
Lending, SEKm 9,380* 9,160 2 7,980 18
of which mortgage loans, SEKm 5,190* 5,100 2 3,870 34
of which margin lending, SEKm 4,180* 4,070 3 4,110 2
Deposits, SEKm 42,300* 42,400 0 34,500 23
No. of commission generating notes per day**  59,500 62,200 -4 58,200 2

*   Preliminary figures.

** Excluding commission notes for mutual funds, Avanza Markets, equities in brokerage class “Start” and institutional customers.